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Trauma Integration Hypnotherapy

When we experience trauma, our subconscious mind creates different parts of the self to try and deal with the trauma. This part reacts to situations in the same way it would if it was still in the traumatic experience. 

It is through integrating these parts back into the Authentic Self we release our habits formed by trauma.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety comes from an outdated operating system that our brains use. Our brains sense danger in our environment, and put the body on high alert, flooding our body with adrenaline, raising our heart rate, shortening our breath. 

The issue with this is that we no longer live in the wild, and we don't have predators that we need to fight or flee from, so our body has nothing to channel those reactions into... this is when anxiety forms.

On the Scales

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

There are two key components you need to overcome when quitting smoking:

1. The physical cravings, this is actually the easy part believe it or not

2. The conditioning, this is the part that takes the most effort

The truth is, all smokers have been conditioned to crave smoking so much that most of them smoke will still smoke when they are faced with a life changing decision.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Discover the secret to how your mind ultimately decides to put on weight or take it of. When you discover how to get your mind to work with you, losing weight is easy. 

It all comes down to one fact, that your mind will do whatever it is that it thinks you want it to do. As long as your mind finds some sort of benefit in being overweight, you will never be able to shift unwated kilograms.