Find Rapid Freedom From Anxiety

People who experience trauma have an oversensitive fight or flight instinct. 

For people who experience this, they are usually triggered by something that their body perceives as danger, such as crowded spaces, not knowing what is going to happen if you leave the house, or even not having control of a situation in general.

For people who experience anxiety, all you need to do is learn exactly how to dialogue with your mind to let it know that you're in a safe environment.

Through hypnosis, you can literally re-wire your brain to view everyday situations as safe, and allow yourself to breathe and feel relaxed and comfortable, to feel like you imagine everyone else feels when they are in that situation.

If you're ready to free yourself from anxiety book a free consultation with Josh today with:

  1. No medication

  2. Instant relief​

  3. Freedom to feel happy

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Experience Hypnotherapy From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Josh moved his Hypnotherapy sessions to online only. Prior to this, Josh worked from his clinic in Parramatta as well as taking clients online.

Since being forced to work only online, Josh found that more of his clients experienced a more rapid shift during the session, presumably because they were in their own comfort zone. 

All sessions are currently conducted online only until further notice.


Transform With The FASTER Method

All of my sessions follows The FASTER Method to reprogram your mind to make better decisions and build better beliefs:

Find the root cause

The first step is to understand how, why, where and when you picked up beliefs that run your existing programs

Analyse the mental programming

Once you understand the root cause of your programming, you can start to analyse how it has shaped your reality through your behaviours and thought patterns

Sever the link

Now that you know what your programming is, and what triggers your thoughts and behaviours, it's time to break the link between the triggers and the outcomes

Transform underlying beliefs

Now that you have broken the link from beliefs that have been driving your behaviour, it's time to replace those beliefs to transform your outcomes from negative to positive

Establish new neural pathways

After your have new beliefs that will provide new outcomes, you then need to create new neural pathways for your beliefs to follow that outweigh the old neural pathways

Re-inforce new programs

Finally, when that is all done, you need to strengthen your new neural pathways, making them become new habits, which become your new programs. This then stops being something you do and just becomes who you are.


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