The key difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is this: hypnotherapy is the name given to a range of techniques a hypnotherapist will use to transform their clients life, hypnosis is the tool used to make that transformation. You can think of it like this: if you’re going on a trip to the beach, hypnotherapy would be the journey of getting from your house to the beach, hypnosis would be the car that gets you there.

If you’ve read my page on Hypnosis, you will already know that hypnosis is a practice that purposely causes your conscious mind to go to sleep and allows your sub-conscious mind to take the steering wheel. This is a very natural state of being that you will experience when your daydreaming, the only difference in hypnosis is that you’re entering this state on purpose.

The reason that hypnotherapy is so successful is because your sub-conscious mind is the part of you that remembers everything. If you touch a hot oven tray when you’re 1 years old, your sub-conscious mind remembers this and creates a belief that all oven trays cause pain (even cold ones). If you don’t go back and create a new belief, you will have this fear of oven trays throughout your entire life.

What is the purpose of hypnotherapy

In hypnosis, because we allow the sub-conscious to take control of the steering wheel, it is very easy for us to question the sub-conscious directly to understand how, where, when and why you came up with the beliefs that are causing you to act the way you do, and to have the habits you have.

Understanding is power, and when you understand the root cause of your problems, you can erase them. If you look at the above example about oven trays, with the mind of a 1 year old it’s easy to see how this could cause you to have a fear of oven trays, but by looking at that memory as an adult, it becomes obvious that there’s no reason to hold onto this belief. It is then that the hypnotherapist can help you reframe your beliefs to work for you instead of against you.

What does a hypnotherapy session with Josh look like

The first step in the session is to dig deep to understand the issue. I ask a range of probing questions to help guide me to where I need to go while you’re in hypnosis. This is the shortest part of our session because my belief is that if you could have overcome the problem by talking about it, you would already have overcome it. I much prefer to get into the hypnosis earlier so that your sub-conscious can come forward and tell us exactly what’s going on.

The next thing I do is take you through an induction into hypnosis, and regress you back to a memory that is all to do with the problem you’re facing today.

When we have found the memory, I then work with you to break the belief and reframe it. We review the memory and identify why it is not you anymore, and why you don’t need to believe the things you believed before.

Finally, before I bring you back out of hypnosis, I record a unique hypnosis track that is specifically designed for you based on everything that we’ve discussed during the session. You will be required to listen to this track for the next 21 days to help embed the new beliefs and the new behaviours.

You will receive 3 types of transformation from this process:

  1. Instant Transformation – This session will provide an instant transformation. Most often the problem that you come to see me about will be resolved within this session, but occasionally it may linger while your recording reminds you of your new beliefs

  2. Gradual transformation – Everyday will be better and better than the one before. Each day you live with your new beliefs makes those beliefs stronger, and your new habits become part of who you are

  3. Delayed transformation – This is my favourite type of transformation. This is the type where you think nothing has changed, but then 6 months down the road you realise you haven’t had those thoughts you used to have, and it comes as a total surprise.

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