Hypnosis For Weightloss

Hypnosis for weight loss is incredibly effective for clients looking to achieve a healthy body, and all of the benefits that come with being healthier. Doctors, scientists and nutritionists agree that being overweight increases the risk of a number of health conditions, that could easily be avoided by simply staying within a healthy weight range. Unfortunately, because we have a strong connection between food and emotion, this is not an easy thing to accomplish.

All habits of action are cause by a habit of thought, and for us to reverse the habit of action, we must first work on the habit of though. Let me give you an example.

I had a patient, let’s call her Jane, who had an addiction to eating cake. She had gone on many diets to lose the kilo’s, she had tried personal trainers, nutritionists and even psychologists, but she still wasn’t able to stop herself from eating cake for very long. She knew that this habit was causing her weight gain, and she knew that she needed to do something about it. Logically she was aware that she needed to change, but for some reason she just couldn’t do it.

During our hypnotherapy session, I regressed Jane back to a memory of when she was 4 years old. She was in her grandmothers kitchen and they were baking a cake together. At this time in her life, Janes parent’s had separated, and there was a lot of uncertainty around where she was going to live, and as most kids do, Jane blamed herself for her parents failed marriage.

When she reviewed this memory in hypnosis, it became clear to Jane exactly what beliefs she had created. She had this lovely memory of baking cakes with her grandmother, where she felt safe, she felt loved, and she felt wanted.

Her 4 year old mind created a belief that cakes must equal love and connection, and because it believed this, anytime Jane felt like she wasn’t wanted, or didn’t have any value, and wasn’t enough, her sub-conscious programming kicked in and told her “Oh just have some cake, that will make you feel loved”.

By using hypnosis as an adult, Jane was able to review this memory, and to feel those same emotions she did when she was 4, but because she is an adult now, she could now see that her belief that cakes equal love just doesn’t make sense to her anymore. Spending time with people that she loves and having that connection is what makes you feel love, not cake.

During the session we did some work to break this belief, and to replace it with the belief that was true, that cakes were actually causing her damage, and that all she needs to do is pick up the phone or see someone she cares about, and spend some time with them, for her to feel love.

By getting to that root cause of her problem, Jane was finally able to reverse her obesity, and she easily lost the weight that she had been carrying around all of her adult life. Jane lost 5KG in the first week just be releasing that old belief that didn’t work for her anymore, which motivated her to lose more weight in the coming weeks.

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