Hypnosis For Therapy

Hypnosis is one of the tools used by the hypnotherapist.

During hypnosis, the conscious mind is allowed to go to sleep and the sub-conscious mind is allowed to come forward and take the steering wheel. The sub-conscious mind is the mind that never sleeps, and remembers everything, but is also the quiet mind that never gets an opportunity to speak up.

Many of our programming in our brain is a condition of our sub-conscious thoughts. During an average day, a person may have as many as 40 thousand thoughts, 95% of which are sub-conscious, and more than 90% of which are repeated from the previous day. By using hypnosis to overcome a specific issue, you are allowing your sub-conscious mind an opportunity to tell you exactly what is going on, and how you can fix it.

The difference between using hypnosis for therapy and other types of therapy (such as cognitive behavioural therapy or psychotherapy) is that most other types of therapy deal at the conscious level. This means that it deals with the thoughts that come up, and the behaviours that are displayed, at the level that the client is aware of them. What it doesn’t address though are the underlying thoughts and behaviours, or programs, that the client isn’t aware of.

Let me use an example from one of my clients, I will call her Lisa (name redacted for privacy).

Lisa came to see me because she was having trouble with finding the right men, she always seemed to find men that were not right for her, that didn’t treat her like she deserved to be treated. She often found men that treated her as an afterthought rather than someone they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

Lisa had also been seeing a psychologist for 10 years at this point.

In my session with Lisa, we went back to a number of memories all to do with why she can’t find the right man, and all of the memories that her sub-conscious mind was showing her came from her childhood. She grew up in a Greek Orthodox family, with a number of brothers. For most of her childhood she was basically told that her only value was in finding a man and starting a family. She didn’t have any value in any other respect.

Her father often ignored her but doted on his sons, and her mother often just told her that’s the way life is, that men have value and women are only there to serve men.

Lisa was quite successful at work, had her own place, and loved what she did for work, but because her sub-conscious believed that her only value was in finding a man and having a family, she was constantly in internal conflict. She wanted to have a successful career, and she wanted to have a man that respected her, but her sub-conscious belief was that she didn’t deserve that. She also typically found men that treated her the same way her father treated her mother.

The programming that kept replaying itself whenever she did find a man that was right for her was that there was something wrong with that man. She didn’t deserve to have a man that respected her in her life, therefore for a man to respect her, there must be something wrong.

After 10 years of therapy with a psychologist, Lisa wasn’t able to identify this core belief that she held at her sub-conscious level, and because she couldn’t identify this core belief, she wasn’t able to overcome it.

By using hypnosis for therapy, Lisa was able to identify the root cause, and break the pattern she had been seeing for most of her life.  

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