Hypnosis for Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most insidious, prevalent mental health issues that exist in the world today. Anxiety is a silent killer, and as anyone with anxiety can tell you, it’s incredibly hard to diagnose.

Often people with anxiety don’t realise they have anxiety, it’s not always thoughts that are so loud you can’t help but hear them, it’s not always panic attacks or stomach cramps. Often, anxiety starts as a quiet voice in the back of your mind that simply says “you don’t want to do that, its not safe”.

Often this simple thought stops people suffering from anxiety even visiting a doctor. Either “it’s not safe” or “it’s not a big problem, it will go away on it’s own”. By the time anxiety becomes full blown, you’re well past the point of seeing a doctor to diagnose your issue, because the anxiety can even prevent you from going to see a doctor.

People with anxiety have anxiety about getting anxiety. When I used to experience anxiety, it manifested in the need to know where my next toilet stop was. I wasn’t able to go on long drives if I didn’t know how long it was between toilets. As soon as I lost that control, my body took over and needed to go toilet instantly. And the stress of knowing that this was how my body responded caused anxiety, stopping me from even wanting to go on long trips.

Let me clear up a few misconceptions here:

  1. You are not alone

  2. There’s nothing wrong with you

  3. This doesn’t have to last forever

So many people suffer from anxiety across the world. There are so many organisations and help groups for anxiety that anxiety support is like the McDonald’s of mental health issues; there’s one around every corner. So let’s just put the fear of being different to rest, the anxiety you suffer makes you more like other people, not less like them.

The other big issue is that people often think there’s something wrong with them. Many of my clients complain of having chemical imbalances in the brain or issues with their gut health. Yes this might be the case, but that isn’t caused by anxiety. It’s more likely a symptom of anxiety, and it can be resolved without medication.

If anxiety can cause a chemical imbalance in the brain or cause your gut health to be affected, then treating the root cause of anxiety should be able to treat the chemical imbalance or fix your gut health.

The fastest and easiest way to get to the root cause and reverse anxiety is through Hypnosis. Check out my article on hypnosis for more information on how this can help.

And the last issue that most of my clients come to me with is that the feelings they have will never end. They will always have anxiety, it will last forever and there’s nothing they can do about it.

This is the thing that links all forms of anxiety together, the feeling that it will last forever and there’s nothing that they can do about it. And this thought is so far from the truth, but when you’re experiencing anxiety, it’s almost impossible to believe that there’s a different way.

My advice to you so that you can start to distance yourself from anxiety straight away is this:

  • Stop calling it “my” anxiety. Anything that is “my” is something you own. If you don’t want to own it, from now on it’s “the” anxiety”

  • Start moving your body, and breathing deeply. This stimulates the vagus nerve which will help you become more motivated to make a change

  • Listen to my free recording by clicking the free gift link above. This will build your confidence which will reduce THE anxiety to a manageable level so that you have some breathing room, and can focus on what to do next.


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