Gastric Band Hypnosis

Being overweight or obese is perhaps one of the most difficult health challenges for many people around the world, and it is one of the hardest conditions to overcome because food is linked with emotions so strongly, that often even just smelling a particular food can cause memories of childhood, good or bad, to resurface.

Many people use food as a way to feel emotionally full, and in doing so, end up eating more than their bodies can handle. This is why many of us who are overweight find it so difficult to diet.

It is also why weight loss is a huge industry. There are millions of weight loss programs out there that focus on diet, exercise, a combination of the two, and the more drastic measures of surgery such as Gastric Banding.

What is a Gastric Band

A Gastric Band is basically a silicone device that is placed around the stomach during surgery. It is adjustable and is used almost entirely for managing overweight and obesity problems.

What are some of the issues of getting a Gastric Band

When a Gastric Band is in place, a person is no longer able to eat the amount of food that they were able to, and feel much fuller much more quickly. They are also no longer able to eat certain types of food that they previously did, such as bread, as it isn’t able to pass through the band to be properly digested, and cause a blockage above the band.

Also, because Gastric Band surgery is invasive, there’s a period of recovery required after the surgery, in which the person is unable to do certain things such as exercise.

When you decide to use Gastric Band surgery as an option for weight-loss, your doctor will put you on a diet first to see if you’re able to stick to the strict dietary requirements once the band is in place. This means that for a couple of weeks leading up to the surgery, you are restricting yourself to soups and light meals to ensure you don’t do permanent damage to yourself after the band is in place.

I would question that if you’re able to follow this diet for a number of weeks leading up to the surgery, why would you then need the surgery in the first place?

Using hypnosis for Gastric Band

A safer option, that doesn’t require you to undergo invasive surgery, is to use hypnosis as a replacement for Gastric Band.

During the session, your hypnotherapist will walk you through the surgery, causing you to visualise that you have gone into an operating theatre and had the Gastric Band applied, and that you have come out of your session fully recovered, with a Gastric Band in place.

The hypnotherapist works with your subconscious mind to cause your body to believe that you’ve already had it in place, and that it’s not possible for you to eat the amount of food that you did before.

This is effective because the body must believe whatever the mind tells it to. You can see this principle in play with the placebo effect, and also whenever the mind causes an ulcer in the body as a result of stress.  

Your mind already talks to your body, and causes physical changes depending on the circumstances, so by using hypnotherapy to place a Gastric Band around the stomach, the body must act as though this is the case.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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