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About Josh

Josh is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner trained by Marisa Peer. Using tools gained over a decade of helping people to transform their lives, Josh helps his clients to easily and effortlessly identify the root cause of their presenting problems, and transforms them rapidly. 

Josh specialises in helping people who don’t know where to go next. You may have tried everything in the past, being passed on from expert to expert who still can't tell you what's going on. But there is a solution for you, and it's just around the corner. 

The mind is the key, and the good news is you can learn to control your mind with a few simple steps. 

The subconscious mind remembers everything. When you make a decision based on events around you, your subconscious mind remembers that belief, and keeps playing it back to you until you replace that belief. Most people, when they try to change their habits, are only really looking at the symptoms, which are the habit of action, but don't look deeper at the beliefs controlling those actions, which are the habit of thought. 

You cannot change a habit of action without addressing your habit of thought, otherwise you will always revert to what is familiar.

In a situation that is traumatic (which to the subconscious mind could be as small as stubbing your toe as you get out of bed) the mind will react. The subconscious will form a belief based on the evidence available, and because our bodies are still wired for a "fight or flight" response, the belief that is formed is generally only useful for that traumatic experience, and is often not effective for everyday living.

The problem begins to appear when the next time a similar situation begins to happen, the brain thinks "Oh I know what to do in this situation" and replays the same action based on the belief it formed. Over time, this action becomes a habit, and we forget to reframe the belief when the brain isn't in "fight or flight" mode to create a habit that works in our favour.

With my program, we go back to a memory of the event where you created the belief and reframe it with a clear mind, from a space of calm rather than a space of trauma. We use the brains natural neuroplasticity, and we rewire it to create beliefs that form habits that are effective.

My program rewires the brain in 3 key areas

  • It makes the familiar unfamiliar (e.g. if praise is unfamiliar, we work on making praise familiar and criticism unfamiliar)

  • It feeds the mind with the right words and pictures (the mind responds to the words you tell it and the pictures those words create)

  • It enforces the belief through repetition (I create a custom recording for you to listen to for AT LEASE 21 days)

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